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From cairns to closeups of rocks.
"Nova Scotia", fungi, "rock patterns", seepage, texture"Bar Harbor", "rocky detail", trailAcadia, "Acadia National Park", Maine, patterns, rocks, shoreline"Nova Scotia", face, rock, texture"Acadia National Park", "rock faces", Maine"Acadia National Park", "Otter Cliffs", abstract, patterns, rock"Nova Scotia", patterns, "rock face""Nova Scotia", patterns, "rock face"rock, "North Adams", "Natural Bridge", "MA state parks"Massachusetts, bridge, marble, "state park", "North Adams"Massachusetts, "North Adams", abstract, bridge, natural"Acadia National Park", Maine, "Otter Cliffs", rocks, shoreline, textures"Nova Scotia", abstract, patterns, rocks, sevenAcadia, "Bar Harbor", patterns, rock, shoreline"Acadia National Park", abstract, granite, textureCamden, Maine, abstract, layers, rockCamden, Maine, abstract, layers, rockCamden, Maine, abstract, layers, rockAcadia, patterns, rock"Acadia National Park", rocks, stream

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