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Created 4-Aug-12
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Various animals
Beluga, Connecticut, Mystic, aquarium, fall, autumn, foliage"Greene Acres", horses, colt, gallop"Assateague Island National Seashore", colt, nursing, "wild horses", MarylandMy Horse and EyeWild Horse Sidecloseup, hide, horseEye, horse, lashes, closeupEye, horse, lashes, closeup, brownEye, horse, lashes, closeup, brownEye, horse, lashes, closeup"Costa Rica", Iguana"Costa Rica", Monteverde, squirrel, statue, humorBig Eared Striped WhatsitTortuguero, "Costa Rica", Howler, Monkey, jungle"Costa Rica", monkey, "rain forest""Costa Rica", howler, monkey, portrait"Costa Rica", baby, howler, "mother and baby", monkey"Costa Rica", Howler, monkey, "rain forest""Barbary Ape", Gibraltar, Barbary macaque, baby, monkeyGibraltar, Spain, ape, baby, "Barbary Ape", Gibraltar, "Barbary macaque", baby, monkey, "mother and baby"

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