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Wood Grain Spirits Rise for Abstract RenderingWhite Rock, Red Rock, Soft RockBryce, "Bryce Canyon", "National Park", Utah, tree, wood"Arches National Park", landscape, textures, "high desert"Arizona, "Monument Valley", hotel, "red rock", viewBryce, "National Park", Utah, landscape, textures, hoodoos, "Bryce Canyon""New Mexico", Taos, adobe, shadowsArizona, "Canyon de Chelly", "Junction Overlook", Navajo, home, sunset, "red rock", "Navajo Reservation", Dine"New Mexico", Taos, sunrise, treeNevada, "Valley of Fire", rock, "state park""New Mexico", Taos, gallery, sculptureArizona, "Monument Valley", "drive tour", "red rock", shadowArizona, Sedona, heron, inn, landscaping, "red rock""Rio Grande Gorge", Taos, "morning shoot", "school bus", sunrise, dawnBryce, "Bryce Canyon", "National Park", Utah, bark, sap, treeArches, "National Park", rocks, patterns, Moab, UtahRoad to Abuquiu 10x30Rio Grand Canyon 10X30Red Rock CountryArizona, Sedona, "red rock"

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