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Created 4-Aug-12
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Scenes from Western Massachusetts
"Fall color", Royalston, library, reflection, foliage, autumn, fall"Connecticut River", Holyoke, "Land of Providence", "Trustees of Reservations", dawn, sunrise"Connecticut River", dawn, river, reflections, sunrise, Holyoke"Connecticut River", Holyoke, "Land of Providence", MA, "Trustees of Reservations", reflections, sunriseSpringfield, air, balloon, balloon, flag, hot, patriotic"Bears Den", "New Salem", "Trustees of Reservations", waterfall"Bridge of Flowers", "Connecticut River", ShelburneShelburne, fireplug, "sidewalk art", "street art"Brook and Field Scene Widely 10x20"West Brookfield", brook, "invasive species", "purple loosestrife"Gardner, Massachusetts, autumn, "fall color", foliage, leaves, maple, tree"High Ledges", "Massachusetts Audubon", Shelburne, abstract, autumn, canopy, fall, foliage, "tree tops""High Ledges", "Mass Audubon", tree"Big E", "Eastern States Exposition", "West Springfield", carousel, horses, merry-go-round"Big E", "Eastern States Exposition", MA, "West Springfield", abstract, "food court""Big E", "Eastern States Exposition", food, lights, night, vendor, "West Springfield""Big E", "Eastern States Exposition", German, Springfield, West, food, fries, lights, nightPalmer, "Steaming Tender", abstract, "rail yard", "railroad tracks", rails"High Ledges", "Mass Audubon", Massachusetts, Shelburne, "storm front", thunderstorm, weatherHolyoke, autumn, canal, city, fall, foliage, industrial, reflection, water

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