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Created 14-Aug-12
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Penguins and skuas from Antarctica and Southern Chile
Antarctica, chinstrap, penguin, pensive, portrait, "black and white"Antarctica, chinstrap, penguinAntarctica, Gentoo, chick, penguinAntarctica, Gentoo, penguinAntarctica, Gentoo, mountains, penguinsColony On The RocksAntarctica, Gentoo, ice, penguin, sipping, waterAntarctica, Chinstrap, penguinAntarctica, chinstrap, penguinAntarctica, chinstrap, whooping, penguinAntarctica, chinstrap, whooping, penguinChinstrap, chick, penguin, Antarctica, "mother and baby"Antarctica, chicks, nest, penguin, twins, "mother and baby"Antarctica, Gentoo, chick, nest, penguin, stone, "mother and baby"Chile, chick, penguin, MagellanicAntarctica, chinstrap, penguinChile, Magellanic, PenguinMagellanic, Chile, penguinChile, Magellanic, penguinsAntarctica, Gentoo, Skua, penguin, predator

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