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Created 4-Aug-12
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A few awesome blossoms from close to home and elsewhere.
"Casa Hacienda Huayoccari", Peru, groundcover, "on the road", succulents"Calla Lily", blossom, flower, "Zantedeschia aethiopica"Calla, abstract, "calla lily", flower, lily, orange, "water drop", "Zantedeschia aethiopica"Shelburne, "bridge of flowers", flowers, "morning glory"closeup, flower, redFlower, Forget-me-nots, "Trustees of Reservations", "North Andover"Begonias, flowers, rain, yellow"Calla lily", blossoms, "family portrait", lily, orange, "Zantedeschia aethiopica"Calla, flower, lily, orange, "calla lily", "Zantedeschia aethiopica"Side Yard BlossomsDahlia, Flower, bug"Bridge of Flowers", closeup, flowers, red, Massachusetts, dahlia, "Shelburne Falls""Bridge of Flowers", Shelburne, flower, dahliaBelchertown, MA, barn, fence, sunflower, wood, "George Hannum"acorn, nature, scan, sprout, tree, oak"Cape Cod", flowers, pinkabstracted, "Nova Scotia", abstract, azalea, flower, "Annapolis Royal", Canadaabstracted, "Nova Scotia", abstract, azalea, flower, "Annapolis Royal", CanadaFlowers, "Nova Scotia", lupinesLupine Medallion

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