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Created 4-Aug-12
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A few awesome blossoms from close to home and elsewhere.
Shelburne, "bridge of flowers", flowers, "morning glory"closeup, flower, redFlower, Forget-me-nots, "Trustees of Reservations", "North Andover"Begonias, flowers, rain, yellowHollyhock, backyard, flower, garden, pinkHollyhock, backyard, flower, garden, pinkAzalea, "Nova Scotia", "Annapolis Royal", Canadaabstracted, "Nova Scotia", abstract, azalea, flower, "Annapolis Royal", Canada"Annapolis Royal", Azalea, Canada, "Nova Scotia"abstracted, "Nova Scotia", abstract, azalea, flower, "Annapolis Royal", Canada"Cape Cod", flowers, pinkDahlia, Flower, bug"Bridge of Flowers", closeup, flowers, red, Massachusetts, dahlia, "Shelburne Falls"Lupines, field, meadowChile, lupinesLupine MedallionFlower, "Nova Scotia", lupineFlowers, "Nova Scotia", lupinesAcadian LupinesFlowers, "Nova Scotia", lupines

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