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Created 4-Aug-12
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"Costa Rica", Monteverde, "air plants", "cloud forest", moss, tree"Costa Rica", Monteverde, overgrowth, "cloud forest", trees"Costa Rica", Monteverde, silhouette, sunset, tree"Costa Rica", Monteverde, silhouette, sunset, treeGolfo Very Dulce At  Sunrise"Costa Rica", "Golfo Dulce", sunrise"Costa Rica", "Golfo Dulce", sunrise"Costa Rica", "Golfo Dulce", "Pacific Ocean", sunrise"Costa Rica", "Golfo Dulce", sunriseSegmental Sunset"Costa Rica", cashew, nut, raw"Costa Rica", bloom, exotic, flower"Costa Rica", Monteverde, "cloud forest", clouds, mist"Costa Rica", Monteverde, Sunset, "cloud forest"Thrice Told SlothIguana Faceoff"Costa Rica", Monteverde, humor, squirrel, statue"Costa Rica", Howler, Monkey, Tortuguero, jungle, testiclesHide the MonkeyHowler Face On

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