Jim Gambaro Photography | Eastern Canada
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Campobello, "herring weir", sunset, "New Brunswick"Campobello, Canada, lighthouse, "red cross", "New Brunswick""Nova Scotia", shoreline, "tidal pool", Maritime, "Atlantic provinces"Canada, Fundy, fog, inlet, "Bay of Fundy", "Maritime provinces", "Fundy National Park", "New Brunswick"Quebec, rooftop, snow, winterBoggy Groundcover"carnivorous plants", "pitcher plant", "Nova Scotia", bog, insectivores"carnivorous plants", "pitcher plant", "Nova Scotia", bog, insectivores"Nova Scotia", rocks, seaweedCanada, "Devil's Quarter Acre", Fundy, moss, "Fundy National Park", "New Brunswick""Nova Scotia", seaweed, shoreline, Kejimkujik National Park, seaside"Nova Scotia", patterns, rocks, shorelineEbb Tide Tracks"Nova Scotia", lighthouse, rocksLiverpool, "Nova Scotia", lighthouseSt. John Harbor CloudsCanada, "St. John", "night lights", rainCanada, clouds, ferry, ocean, sunrise, rainbow, "New Brunswick", "St. John"

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