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Created 12-Jan-19
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Fauna and some flora from the unique and amazing Galapagos Islands, Darwin's darling.
Ecuador, Frigate, Galapagos, bird, sunrise, "magnificent frigate"seal, Galapagos, "Santa Cruz"Ecuador, Galapagos, "Santa Cruz Island", abstracted, sealGalapagos, "Santa Cruz Island", abstraction, playful, "sea lions", "tidal pool"Ecuador, Galapagos, "Kicker Rock", "Leon Dormido", "San Cristobal", sunset"side street", Galapagos, "Puerto Ayora",EcuadorDarwin, Galapagos, "Puerto Ayora", mockingbird, blueGalapagos, "Puerto Ayora", "fish market", pelicanEcuador, Galapagos, "Santa Cruz Island", "sea lion", "tidal pool""Fernandina Island", Frigate, Galapagos, bird, courting, "magnificent frigate""Fernandina Island", "Frigate Bird", Galapagos, display, iguana, "land iguana""Fernandina Island", Frigate, Galapagos, bird, color, foliage, landscape, "nesting material", "Magnificent Frigate"Darwin, Ecuador, Galapagos, "Puerto Ayora", "land Iguana"Darwin, Ecuador, Foundation, Galapagos, Iguana, "Puerto Ayora", "land Iguana"Galapagos, "Santa Cruz Island", heronBooby, Galapagos, ledge, "blue footed booby""Fernandina Island", "Frigate Bird", Galapagos, chick, "magnificent frigate"Ecuador, Galapagos, Island, "Santa Cruz", "fur seal"Galapagos, "Isabela Island", "sea lion"Galapagos, "Sally Lightfoot Crab", "Santa Cruz Island"

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