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Created 12-Jan-19
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Scenes from Peru and Chile
Peru, "peeling bark", eucalyptus, treeAndes, Peru, "Sacred Valley", farmlandMoray, Peru, "Sacred Valley", agriculture, circles, terraces, farming, IncaMoray, Peru, "Sacred Valley", circles, "on the road", terracesPeru, "Sacred Valley", circles, ruins, terraces, Quechua, IncaAndes, "Machu Picchu", Peru, fog, morning, Inca, Quechua"Aguas Caliente", "Machu Picchu", Peru, "Sacred Valley", "Urubamba River", train"Aguas Caliente", "Machu Picchu", Peru, "Urubamba River", train"Machu Picchu", Peru, grass, llama"Machu Picchu", Peru, "grass cutter", llama, Inca, Quechua"Machu Picchu", Peru, tree, Inca, Quechua"Machu Picchu", Peru, "cut stone", portal, Inca, Quechua"Machu Picchu", Peru, "cut stone", "rock wall", "stone insets", windows, Inca, Quechua"Machu Picchu", Peru, "cut stone", landings, Inca, QuechuaNot Mucho Machu PassageFortress, Ollantaytambo, Peru, exterior, cactus, rocksWeaverish Soft AbstractionPeru, "Sacred Valley", dog, donkeys, sheep, shepherdsInca, Peru, cobblestone, "side street", substrate, QuechuaInca, Ollantaytambo, Peru, cobblestones, multicultural, "on the road", "side street", signage, business, Quechua, commerce

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