Jim Gambaro Photography | Quabbin Reservoir
Created 4-Aug-12
33 photos

Views of the Quabbin Reservoir, the primary water supply for Boston and environs.
Arched Stone Bridge in Upper Quabbin ReservoirQuabbin, abstract, canopy, fall, foliage, autumn, treesBelchertown, Quabbin, Scenic, fall, foliage, trees, autumnAutumn Trail, QuabbinBelchertown, Quabbin, autumn, fall, trees, fernsBelchertown, Quabbin, evergreens, snow, trees, winterferns, Quabbin, autumn, fall, BelchertownBelchertown, Fall, Quabbin, foliage, spillway, water, reflection, autumnFalling Spillway, Quabbin Reservoir - DesaturatedQuabbin, fall, ferns, sunbeam, autumnField of FernsQuabbin, abstract, ferns,Quabbin, autumn, grassesQuabbin, grasses, waterlilies, pond, water, reflectionsBelchertown, Quabbin, silhouette, towerQuabbin, fall, ferns, graphic, autumnQuabbin, outflow, reservoir, spillway, winter, waterQuabbin, outflow, reservoir, spillway, winterQuabbin, reservoir, summer, tower, BelchertownQuabbin Treescape

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