Jim Gambaro Photography | Belchertown, MA
Created 4-Aug-12
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Scenes around Belchertown, MA
church. "New "England", patriotic, monument, memorial, CongregationalBelchertown, "Congregational Church", "Town Common", fall, autumn, "New England", foliageBelchertown, "Congregational Church", "Town Common", "New England"Belchertown, firehouse, museumBelchertown, firehouse, museumBelchertown, band, drums, marching, parade, "Belchertown High School"Swift River - Colorfast EddyAutumn, Belchertown, "Swift River", reflections, fall,Swift River, Placid Autumn"Beaver Pond", Belchertown, MA, "Rt 9", "Tuckers Pond" autumnTuckers Pond BluesTuckers Pond GraphicBelchertown, "Greene Acres", "equestrian center", groomer, horsefog, sunriseAutumn, fall, foliage, lake, pond, reflections, waterBelchertown, clowns, parade, ShrinersBelchertown, "Ferris wheel", "carnival ride", "town fair"Belchertown, bubbles, clown, paradeBelchertown, kids, ride, "town fair"Belchertown, carnival, "night ride", "time exposure", "town fair"

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